Parachute Today in class we did activities with the parachute which is the students favorite PE activity.

We looked at macro photos of snowflakes and observed the form and characteristics of individual snowflakes.

Our annual Christmas program was a huge success. This year’s play was “The Gingerbread Boy”.

Yummy Christmas Trees During our school Christmas party we made edible Christmas trees using ice-cream cones.

After School Care (ASC) Christmas Party was a blast. We started the festivities by watching the 1969 Frosty the Snowman Movie and eating our Christmas snacks.

Ms. Cassandra Our music teacher, Ms. Cassandra, is doing an amazing job preparing the students for the music for our annual Christmas program which is rapidly approaching.

We made Christmas ornaments by tying strips of felt to cinnamon sticks and decorating them like Christmas trees.

We are practicing and preparing for our annual Christmas program which is coming up very soon.