Olive tree International Christian School



Financial Information



    Enrollment/ 年間登録料(税込) Tuition/ 学費(税込)

Preschool (K3・Early K3) 


5 days



120,000円/ 年


540,000円/  年


4 days



100,000円/ 年


432,000円/  年


Kindergarten (K4・K5)


5 days only



120,000円/ 年


540,000円/  年


Elementary Level1


2 days


Olive Tree International 卒業生のための放課後Advance Classが2020年度より開始いたします。詳細はこちら









Enrollment   120,000/year


Enrollment fees must be paid in full by the last working day in February of the school year attending. Please transfer those funds to our school bank account. Once paid, all enrollment fees are non-refundable. Enrollment fees are used to purchase the following items:

·       Curriculum for every subject (textbooks, workbooks, readers, etc.)

·       Teaching materials (flash cards, puppets, books, etc.)

·       School supplies (pencils, crayons, scissors, arts and crafts supplies, etc.)

·       Classroom items (desks, tables, chairs, whiteboards, rugs, cushions, classroom decorations, etc.)

·       P.E. supplies (balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, cones, nets, etc.)

·       Music supplies (instruments, cd’s, books, etc.) 

·       Books for the classroom library

·       Toys, games, and puzzles

·       Learning Center activities and supplies

·       Student insurance


·       Two school t-shirts and one school sweatshirt per student


年間登録料   ¥120,000/年間






  • 全教科のカリキュラム(テキスト、ワークブック、リーダー、その他)
  • 副教材(フラッシュカード、人形、本、その他)
  • 文房具(ペン、クレヨン、はさみ、アートや工作用の材料など。)
  • クラス用具(机、テーブル、椅子、ホワイトボード、ラグ、クッション、教室内デコレーション、その他)
  • 運動用具(ボール、縄跳び、フラフープ、カラーコーン、ネット、その他)
  • 音楽用具(楽器、CD類、本など)
  • 学級図書用書籍
  • おもちゃ、ゲーム、パズルなど。
  • 生徒保険費用
  • スクールTシャツ2枚、スクールスウェットシャツ1枚(オプションで追加購入可)





              Tuition                 540,000/year or 45,000/month

Tuition fees must be paid by the 20th of the month before. For example:  April’s tuition is due by March 20th, May’s tuition is due by April 20th, etc. An automatic transfer will be taken out of your account on the 20th of every month or the Friday before, if the the 20th falls on a weekend. There will be no refunds on tuition that has already been paid. Tuition is used for the following:

  • Monthly expenses (Rent, bills, etc.)
  • Teacher salaries
  • Other expenses not covered by enrollment




授業料     540,000円/ 年間 or 45,000円/ 月(※分割支払い可・スクール規定参照)


授業料は前月の20日が支払い期日です。(例:4月授業料 320日までにお支払い。5月授業料 420日までにお支払い。)口座振替によりご登録の口座より毎月20日に引落されます。お支払いされた授業料は返金できませんのでご了承ください。





Sibling Discout:兄弟姉妹割引
Sibling Discout:兄弟姉妹割引

Sibling Discount:

          Enrollment: 10,000 off per child  



**There are no discounts for excused or unexcused absences or missed school days.  











There are no refunds for enrollment once it has been paid. If you quit the school after school has already began you will receive all disposable workbooks or texts that your child has started but has not completed. You will not receive any non-disposable books, readers, or other items. If you decide to quit the school before school begins, you will not receive any items from the school nor will you be refunded the enrollment fee. 



OTICS tuition is a biannual commitment with two terms: Term 1: April – September and Term 2: October – March. If you pay the first month’s tuition (due March 20th) you are agreeing and committing to pay the full amount of tuition for Term 1 (April – September). If you decided to leave the school during Term 1 you must still pay the remaining tuition through September.  However, you will not be required to pay for Term 2 (October – March) It’s the same for Term 2; if you pay October’s tuition (due September 20th) You are agreeing and committing to pay the full amount of tuition for Term 2 (October – March).  If you decide to quit the school during Term 2 you must still pay the remaining tuition through March. Any failure to fulfill these commitments could lead to legal proceedings. 


*There are no refunds for tuition that has already been paid. 


**There are no refunds for excused or unexcused absences or missed school days.



Enrollment 年間登録料



Tuition 年間授業料






Additional Fees


Additional Fees

Starfall.com: Starfall.com has a yearly membership fee of $35 a year. This membership gives you

         complete access to their website which is full of games, interactive readers, and learning 

         activities that correlate with our school English curriculum. You will also gain access to all 

         Starfall applications for tablets and smart phones. Your membership will allow you to sign 

         onto multiple devices simultaniously. All family members may share one membership. It is 

         not necessary that you purchase a membership, although we strongly encourage you to

         join due to the added benefits it will give your child.

Field trips: Field trip fees will vary depending on the trip. The fee will include travel to and from 

          the destination and admission fees for students, teachers, and parent volunteers. These 

          fees will be due the day before the field trip. It is mandatory that your child attend school 

          field trips.

Life Church Events: Throughout the year Life Church offers many events. Sometimes there is no

          fee and other times there is a small fee. We will notify and invite you and your family to    

          every event, however it is not mandatory that you attend.

Scholastic International Book Club: Throughout the year you will receive Scholastic order forms. 

          Please order at your discretion.

Yearbook: At the end of the year you have the option of ordering and purchasing a yearbook full 

          of pictures and memories.

Additional School Shirts: You will receive two school t-shirts and one school sweatshirt which is 

          included as part of your enrollment fee. You may choose to order additional shirts at your 

          discretion. All shirts must be purchased in March. 

Graduation Regalia: K5 students must purchase graduation regalia for the graduation ceremony.