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Olive Tree Advanced english Class


/ 小学生イマージョンプログラム(インター卒・帰国子女・ネイティブスピーカー限定クラス)※入学テストあり

About Us


Olive Tree Advanced English Class is a class for elementary students who have graduated from an international kindergarten or preschool, moved back to Japan after attending local schools abroad, come from a native speaking English home, or have an intermediate to advanced level of English for their age. It is for students who wish to continue their English education at a native English pace parallel to their peers abroad while still attending local Japanese elementary schools. 


Olive Tree Advanced Englishクラス」はインターナショナルプリスクールを卒業した小学生、帰国子女、ネイティブスピーカー家庭のお子様、対象年齢クラスの中級から上級レベル生徒のためのクラスです。